Simple Fran’s response to Ryan

Paul Ryan’s mom IS JUST Like the rest of America…


Paul Ryan compares his mom BETTY to AMERICA!

Paul Ryan compares his mom to AMERICA!

Romney Pics Paul Ryan

Romney Pics Paul Ryan. Ha! Not suprised…Paul Ryan has been picked to be Romney’s water boy. Who really thinks he would have a voice next to Romney and his team? He’s not respected… Continue reading

Vote for, 2 the Point Politics…

Everyday I watch television, read the paper and think about ways to get basic politics to the people. Yes, it gets confusing but that is because a lot of people are shouting hot… Continue reading

Giving OUR Honest 2 sense/cents NOT Politics

Give us your 2 cents America!!

I’m a big advocate for  Straight and to the Point Politics!  Therefore, I would like to share my 2 sense/cent with all of you and would love to hear your 2 sense.  So… Continue reading