Vote for, 2 the Point Politics…

Everyday I watch television, read the paper and think about ways to get basic politics to the people. Yes, it gets confusing but that is because a lot of people are shouting hot air for tv time, yes, tv time.  I say get rid of those who are shouting out hot air and bring in more people who are making sense.  There is no reason why I need 2 cups of caffeinated tea each morning so I can wake up and hear what these tired folks have to say. Politics is corrupt and confusing, YES!  But the more we all pay attention and use our power and voice we can chip away at the shenanigans.  One day at a time people, one day at a time. But make each day worth it.

My vote is for, 2 the Point Politics and No Shenanigans!

Yes, people this is a movement!